Do I get a refund on discharge if I stay for fewer nights than I have paid for?

A hospital account must be finalised and all chargeable items added to the account before a refund can be determined. Theatre details must also be checked with your doctor. If a refund is then due, a cheque will be raised and sent to you.


Do you have wheelchair access, and are there any steps at your entry points?

Our hospital is on one level with easy wheelchair access from all entry points


Are your rooms air-conditioned?

All rooms are air-conditioned


Are there phones beside the beds? Can I make STD or mobile calls?

There is a phone beside every bed and local calls are free. Phone cards may be purchased to make STD and mobile phone calls or there is a public phone in the hospital


Do you have private rooms?

We have a combination of shared and private room accommodation available and where possible we will endeavour to provide you with a private room upon request


How soon do I need to book in for my operation and what documents do I need to have with me?

We ask that you assist us by planning ahead and making your booking at least 7 days prior to your admission. Please bring your Medicare card, health fund membership details, repatriation card, pension card, doctors referral/admission papers


Can I have something to drink while fasting?

No, fasting means nothing to eat or drink, this includes water.


What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your pyjamas, a dressing gown, comfortable footwear, general toiletries, any x-rays or scans and your current medications. You may wish to ring loose comfortable clothing in preference to pyjamas for day wear. Do not bring large sums of money or other valuables to hospital with you. The hospital cannot accept responsibility for any loss of valuables.


I take regular medication; do I need to take it before my operation?

If you are taking medicines or tablets you should continue to do so as usual with a sip of water unless otherwise instructed by your doctor


Do you have accommodation in the hospital grounds for relatives?

We do not have accommodation available on site but your admissions staff can suggest some choices of accommodation that are close to our hospital


Can I post or fax my pre admission forms to the hospital?

Yes you can either fax or post your pre admission forms if you do not live locally.


Can the hospital call me a taxi to take me home?

Yes, either your ward staff or the front office staff can arrange for a taxi


How will I know what time I have to arrive for my operation?

The admissions staff will call you after 3pm the day before your operation to advise you what time you need to be at the hospital and any fasting instructions


Can I drive home after my day surgery?

You must not drive a car 24 hours after your procedure


Do you have a cafeteria for visitors?

We have Jamaica Blue on site.  Dinner can be arranged for visitors upon request from our Cafeteria.


Where is the nearest florist or newsagent?

There are a number of florists and newsagents at The Junction, only minutes away. A paperboy/girl will visit patients each morning and newspapers can be purchased.


Where do I pay my pharmacy account?

Accounts received from Slade pharmacy can be paid direct to the pharmacy on site at Lingard Private Hospital or via mail.


How do I pay the anaesthetist account?

Your surgeon can provide details of who your anaesthetist will be and how to contact them. An account will be set to you from both your surgeon and anaesthetist


Can I smoke whilst in hospital?

Lingard is a non smoking facility in line with NSW Department of Health guidelines


What time will I discharged?

Your doctor and hospital staff will confirm with you what day and time you can expect to be discharged from hospital